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"YAK" ALUMINUM FRAME - YOODA Paramotors Atelier

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TECHNOLOGIES - YOODA Paramotors Atelier

FFT - Floating Frame Technology

MLS - Multipoint Link System



FEATURES - YOODA Paramotors Atelier


- Super simple layout with only 2 connection elements to the external ring


- Seamless Frame Construction (no welding)


- Aluminium frame: high quality aeronautical materials


- Quick Lock-in / Lock-out with snap buttons


- Fast and simple cage assembly and disassemply   (video)


- Medium/Low suspension hang point (swing arms)


- Compact layout and simple engine fitting


- MLS (Multipoint Link System): new type of link adjustable suspension system


- FFT  (Floating Frame Technology): simple legs layout and passive safety impact protection


- Easy seat plate access for the pilot


- Confortable  stand-up and in-flight pilot position


- Fuel tank with aerodinamic low reistent profile  (available 10L, 12L, 18L)


 - YOODA Paramotors Atelier


FRAME COLORS - YOODA Paramotors Atelier

Frame standard color:  ARCC0 silver  (anodizing)


Available on request:

- Black color ARCC35 (anodizing)

- Any other RAL color (powder coating)       [ RAL colors list ]